Tap Into Your

Confidence Workshop

3 Key Tools to Stop Doubting Yourself!

So You Can Find Your Inner Voice, Unleash Your Power, and Live a Life You Love!

Have you given your all to the kids, to him, and now you are finding yourself alone for the first time in years and feeling a bit lost and unsupported? Have you been the strong one for everyone else yet inside you’ve felt lonely and empty, even though on the outside your life looked perfect?

Are you feeling a bit unsettled and like nobody really “gets” you? Are you secretly thinking that maybe you are unlovable and you are afraid you’ll be alone the rest of your life? Is the dating scene too much for you and you just can’t trust that you will ever find a “good” one?

Has your confidence left you in self-doubt and feeling like a failure? Are you a business owner frustrated and about to give up on your dreams? Are you a MOM trying to hold it all together for everyone else and feeling scattered and not feeling confident in what value you bring?

What if you could Tap into your Confidence again and find the joy and happiness in your life. What if you could reconnect with your inner voice and power and lovingly allow your light to shine again?

What if the world needs the gift of YOU and you continue to stay small and hide?

What if…

I know, I’ve been that person, lost and playing small, and have found a common thread that is basic to each one of these, our basic loss of confidence in ourselves is a reflection of losing touch with our authentic selves.

There’s nothing wrong with you! There is nothing that needs to change. The real YOU, buried in the hurt, the pain, the doubt and fear just needs to be revealed.

Join us for a 2 1/2 hour live workshop where you will learn how to TAP into

YOUR CONFIDENCE, SHINE YOUR LIGHT while protecting your precious new beginning that you are inviting in, and CREATE an ACTION PLAN so you can implement what you learn right away.

We will be in a private and comfortable location and tackle this HUGE topic that many women struggle with — self-doubt and lack of confidence. Class is limited to 16 beautiful souls!

Sign up today and get a complementary Clarity Session with me.

Much Love,

Susan Kennedy

Clarity & Transformation Coach

During our time together I’ll help you:
  1. Finally understand how to stay in your own lane and DO YOU, no matter what craziness is going on around you and within you.
  2.  Lovingly shine your light while fiercely nurturing the beautiful new beginning you are calling in.
  3. Create an action plan you can implement right away so you can become UNSTOPPABLE in your confidence and purpose.

Date: Saturday 12 August 2017

Time: 10:00am–12:30 noon

Location: Sent after payment received

Cost: $47.00

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Presented by:
Susan W. Kennedy

Susan works with smart, savvy, successful women who have recently had a life changing event such that it made them reevaluate EVERYTHING in their lives.  They are ready to create the NEXT CHAPTER in their lives from a place of MEANING, PURPOSE, and FUN and are determined to bring the SPARKLE back to their lives.

I am here to help you unleash your brilliance and start shining – stepping way outside your comfort zone, and claiming your desires, and living from a place of MEANING —- to YOU!    My job is to inspire and challenge you to make yourself and your desires YOUR priority.

Tap into Your Confidence Workshop

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