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Work with me…
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Here’s What I Know …

You are not in a good place right now. The relationship you have… that you’ve trusted and counted on has let you down. It feels really bad.  You are doubting everything now.   “He doesn’t love me anymore.  He doesn’t even see or hear me, much less understand me!” You want to cry, but tears won’t come.  You want to sleep, but tears leak out onto the pillow.  It’s lonely being you. You are angry.  You are there for everyone.  And who is there for you? You are mentally and emotionally drained. You long to be held, to be understood and loved, and it doesn’t happen. “What’s wrong with me?  How can I do more? “ It is exhausting being the strong one, holding it all together, showing up at work like everything is fine. You want him close, yet you push him away.  He doesn’t deserve you. You have a great life and feel guilty wanting more.  You can’t even explain the “more” that you want, but it sure feels like if he would just care, show you he loves you, then it would be okay. “I wish he would make me feel loved, safe, and at home in his arms.” You’ve tried counseling, with little change. You’ve tried talking, but it seems like he just doesn’t want to talk about it. You’ve tried seducing him, surprising him, being playful… and nothing. You’ve read books together and he still doesn’t get it. Something has to change.  


Want more…. You just aren’t sure what that is. Want to feel loved, seen, heard, and understood by the man who says he loves you. Want to be happy. Want to feel free…  free from the stifling relationship you are in, free to be yourself and loved. Want to feel more alive and like you and what you are doing matters.  

Welcome.  I’m Susan

I see you. I hear you. I am you… on the other side of this stage in the journey.  

This is where I come in.

  I have been where you are.  It’s  lonely and sad there. In my own marriage, we tried counseling.  We tried everything we could think of, until he was tired of trying and tired of talking. I thought being the strong one was a badge of honor and I was proud of that. I found that pretending to be okay to the outside world was exhausting. None of that got me what I wanted … to be happy,  to feel loved, to feel alive again. That was over 10 years ago.  I took a journey into me and what I needed to be happy and feel loved. Now I use everything I’ve learned to help women in the same situation. I’ve spent tens of thousands on training, tools, and the best methods that bring about true transformation.   How would it feel to be truly happy just being yourself, to be seen, heard, and loved for who you are (not someone you “should” or pretend to be), and know what you want, where you are headed, and have more energy and life flowing through you again? Check in with your body as you ask yourself that last question.  If you feel more alive as you read it, you are ready.  If you feel excited and a bit scared you are ready. Let’s get started…  

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  I am your guide and mentor on this journey back to the relationship you want. Consider me the one person you can share absolutely everything without judgement and criticism.  I will unconditionally love you for you and your situation as we turn your dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment into a beautiful, fulfilling life and relationship. As You:
  • Get used to feeling heard and seen once again by your partner
  • Get used to feeling loved again by your partner
  • Burst with new inspiration for your life
  • Have so much energy to create in your life what you would love
  • Feel SO good that you want someone to pinch you to make sure it’s real
  • Realize that he does love you and understand you
  • Start seeing the life you LONG for taking shape
You will stop:
  • Pushing your needs, dreams, and desires down and allowing yourself instead to put on a happy face and redirect your attention to someone else and their needs.
  • Complaining and Blaming
  • Over-giving and not receiving
  • Living to the expectations of others
  • Allowing yourself to become emotionally drained
  • Pretending you are okay when you are not
  • Keeping your real feelings under wraps
  You have a right to feel seen, heard, and loved for who you are. You are enough.  You look good enough.  You do enough. There is NOTHING wrong with YOU. You have a right to live a life you LOVE. It’s time:
  • to know this for yourself
  • to FEEL really good again about your relationship and your life
  • to have a new relationship with yourself and life
  • to THRIVE
You can stay right where you are and settle for what you have.  After all it isn’t that bad.  Or you can choose to create what a great life and satisfying relationship are for you.   Up to you…   I offer 3, 4, and 6 month private coaching packages. I only work with a limited number of women at a time so that I can give each client my full attention as this work is highly customized to your needs.   You know you have a good man.  You know there is a way.  And now it’s time to look within.  

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As a coach, I help you align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your values and dreams so you can lead the fulfilled and satisfying life that you long for, by doing what matters most to you,  and have the relationship that you really want, freeing yourself from the chains you have been holding yourself in.

It’s time.


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