It’s TIME to

UnLEASH YOUR Dreams & Desires


For the Woman who has put everyone else’s Dream, Desires, and Needs First

NOW is  TIME to

say YES to You!

You know you are meant for more.  You are ready to finally unleash Your Dreams, Honor Your Needs and  Desires, and Live a Life You Love!


If you are reading this, and you…


Know there has to be more and you want MORE in your life…

And that More looks like happiness, fulfillment, joy, doing things YOU love, and the feeling of FREEDOM!

Then why are you still going through the motions, wondering what is wrong with you that you can’t be happy with all the abundance in your life?


You’ve worked hard your entire life … at your job, raising your kids, making sure everyone else was happy, while you pretended to be happy (after all you have everything), but inside is a different story.


When you think about what you might want, your monkey mind has tons of thoughts disguised as logical questions:

  • Can I really do that?
  • Who am I to deserve this?
  • Shouldn’t I be happy with what I have?
  • How can I allow myself to have that without feeling guilty or selfish?
  • What if my family doesn’t like that?
  • What if I mess something up?
  • How can I possibly do that?
  • I’m too old, I’m too short, I’m not trained…
  • I can’t afford that.


You’ve lived by the rules, everyone else’s rules … it was the right thing to do, it was the responsible thing to do, it was how you were raised, what your parents did. 

You avoid any confrontation like the plague, silently acquiescing because it is easier.   And every time you do that thing you “should”, you lose a little piece of you…


And then one day you wake up angry and resentful, feeling guilty because you should be happy, wondering what is wrong with you…  feeling so empty on the inside!

Deep down, you feel the sadness and you wonder what that is about.  Could it be the unlived life in you whispering, “HEY, I’m still here!  I am not going away,” … messages from all the desires and dreams you’ve kept inside?

I hear you!  I see you, I know you, I have been right where you are.  I know what it’s like to diminish my needs and set my desires and dreams aside (no actually suppress them so deeply) to support everyone else’s dreams, desires and needs.


This I know:

You have so much to offer the world!  You have unique gifts, dreams, and talents that have yet to be allowed out to play in the world.

There is so much good bottled up inside you that you can’t wait to share and experience.

Your Dreams and Desires are so ready to be unleashed that you can feel it!



You are standing in front of a large castle door.  Beams of light are shining around the edges.  On the other side, there is a large, beautiful stone walk-in wine cellar with thousands of bottles of champagne.  Each one with a beautiful cork and label that is symbolic of the Dream or Desire it holds, all there for you to open when you are ready.

Standing there you can literally hear voices of your Dreams and Desires calling out for you.  They are so close now.  They can’t wait for you to unleash, witness, and acknowledge each one of them!

All you need to do is …  Open the door, step inside, and choose which bottle to open first.

As you place your hand on the door to your allowing yourself to say YES to you,

You feel the anxiety, the fear, the sadness and joy, and the excitement.

You turn the handle…   The bottled-up Dreams start to come alive and vie for your attention.

You step inside …   looking at all the Dreams, Desires, and Needs that have lovingly waited on you, to finally say yes to yourself….

YOU want to open them all!

You start to cry with joy, with excitement, with a deep knowledge that YOUR life is going to change is a way that is deep and amazing.

You look at the bottles, trembling..   So why are you so are afraid to say YES to those dreams in the bottles, those Dreams and Desires deep within you?


Are you are looking for permission, for assurances that everything is going to okay after you open the bottles?

The blocks to allowing yourself your freedom to a life you LOVE are learned patterns of thought and behavior that can be unlearned, much like teaching a child how to use a fork when they have used their hands up until now.


I’ve been at this place, too.  And it’s hard to allow yourself to want what it is you want so badly when you remember that time when…

  • You were a kid and wanted that toy in the store and your parents told you money didn’t grow on trees.
  • You were laughing and having so much fun playing with a friend when suddenly you are reprimanded and told not to be so loud.
  • You disagreed with your mom and spoke up, only to be humiliated in front of all your friends.
  • You kissed your boyfriend on the porch in 11th grade and your mom asked what will the neighbors think?
  • You completed your weekly chores and were ready to go play and you were called back and given a lecture on doing things right the first time.

So here you are now, wondering if the FREEDOM  you crave to live your dreams and desires is worth the effort, and that small voice inside is screaming now,  YES!


How would it feel if you know that you can…

  • Let your Dreams and Desires out and Create a Life YOU LOVE … one that inspires you, one that has you jumping out of bed each morning smiling and ready to go, one that exceeds what you can see now as barely possible?
  • Feel more energetic and experience more well-being
  • Feel more Free, Happy, and Fulfilled than you have in a long, long time
  • Honestly say “I LOVE my life!”

What if you can do that now?



Who could you become if you had someone who…

… believes in you when you can’t believe in yourself?

…remembers where you are going when you lose sight of it?

…has a proven process for dream building (when you do the work)?

…loves and encourages you and calls you out on things that you are putting up with?

…reminds you of who you truly are?


Now you can!  You’re in the right place. This is exactly why I have created :

The YES! Within Project

When you make huge shifts and have those Aha’s, when you have a dream and believe that it is possible, even though you may not know how, you start to remember who you really are.

Your DREAM Blueprinting, Bridging the Gap, and Dream Building Project with a healthy dose of Accountability and Mindset Conditioning is all contained in The YES! Within Project.

To transform your life, you need to go deeper, higher — beyond what you can see from where you are and straight to your core and to the Creative Force that makes all things possible.

Your YES! Within Project includes:
2 Laying the Foundation calls… (90 minutes each)
  • Your Highest Values – 90 minute call where you will gain clarity on your top 3-5 highest values.
  • Core Limiting Beliefs and Purpose Essence – 90 minute call where  you will become aware of your Core Limiting Beliefs and create a strategy to allow you to run the show instead of them

Private Weekly Coaching Calls (45 minute) – 4 per month for 4 months

DreamBuilder™ Program includes Workbook and access to DB video/audio weekly training:

  • Blue Printing Your Dream
  • Bridging the Gap from  where you are to where you want to be
  • Building the Dream into Reality
 Private FB Group


Payment Plan:  $2997   (3 monthly payments of $999)

Pay in Full: $2497

Please read terms and conditions.


Yes, I know there is a cost to this investment


There is a cost to not investing in yourself and your dreams.

What is the cost / how will you feel to wake up one, two, even three years from now and you are still wondering if this is all there is, still not happy, still just going through the motions?

What is the cost and how will you feel to be one, two, three years older in pretty much in the same place?

What is the cost to your marriage?  Your Health?  Your kids, who watch and emulate the way their parents are in the world?  What is the cost in the way of finances, time, and well-being?

Saying YES! to yourself is the beginning of the journey, the grandest adventure of all …  back to the real YOU!  No one can take that investment in you away from you!


What her clients say:

“Susan’s ability to gently, elegantly, and non judgmentally empower a person to walk through his or her own feelings and thoughts to a new perspective – one that allows a person to maintain one’s dignity yet frees him or her to explore other options is exhilarating, energizing, and freeing.  Why remain stuck with feelings that are no longer useful and only hurt when you can access Susan’s expertise and wisdom to help you live the rich, delicious life you want?”


“I got so much value from this program– Susan quite masterfully helped me to see the bigger picture of my life and work, and how much more coherent and aligned it is than I had been perceiving. I really appreciated Susan’s intuitive hits and encouragement around weaving even more aspects of myself as a healing and visual artist together into my packages. Susan’s excellent follow-up emails, including session notes, questions, and homework really motivated me to keep deepening my inquiry and stay on track, and also had me marveling at all we had accomplished in a relatively short time! It was incredibly beneficial to have someone to whom I was accountable, who was rooting for me and compassionately nudging me to see and share more of my greatness and gifts.”


” I am now bursting with creativity and enthusiasm for building my business again. Susan helped me work through and dissolve multiple limiting beliefs and fears that were holding me back. She helped me to own my value. I came away with a clear vision of where I am and where I’m going, with some tangible action items to keep things moving forward.”


“She breathed life into me and as a result, my passion and creativity are reignited. It is so worth the money to have the kind of support Susan offers. You are likely to get way more than you even expect out of working with her…”


“Created a shift in my perceptions, opened my heart and understanding to the balance and neutrality of traits. Helped me move through emotional blockages and free myself from misperceptions and negativity towards my father.”


“Susan and Denise facilitated the Constellation and Visioning work that helped me gain much-needed clarity in regard to goals and desires in the many areas of my life.  Furthermore, I was inspired to spring into action after I got back!

Susan and Denise are encouraging and motivating.  It’s easy to see that they really care about the people they work with. I would recommend them without hesitation!”


“Susan and Denise did an amazing job facilitating the Constellation and Dream Building work – we don’t realize how little time and energy we spend focusing on what we truly want in our lives and they gave us an opportunity to truly look inside and figure out what it is that we want in our lives in terms of our health, relationships, finances and careers. We could not have done all of this without the support from other participants who helped to give us insight into our sacred desires as well as blockages that need to be cleared in order to pursue our dreams and vision.
I highly recommend Susan, Denise and the Sacred Desires Women’s Retreat to anyone who want to bring happiness and purpose in their lives. ”


“I feel more spacious and less concerned with what people think, dad included.”

Susan W. Kennedy
Living a Life You LOVE is not Wishful Thinking!
Even if you have put your Dreams, Desires, and Needs on the back burner as you tended and focused on the dreams of everyone else, it’s not too late to change all of that!

Susan works with smart,  successful, over-achieving women who are realizing that there has to be more to life than the same old same old.  There has to be a way to be really happy in this lifetime, and they sense that there is MORE within themselves that wants to be lived.

They are ready to make the leap, the Big Shift from trying to  make everyone around them happy, living to the expectations of others and pretending to be happy, TO Allowing their Dreams and Desires to Rise to the top, be acknowledged, and finally unleashed.

They are ready to shift the patterns that have kept them stuck for so long, and design and live a life THEY LOVE.

They are ready to say YES! to themselves!

Susan is here to support and guide as you unleash those Dreams, that MORE in you that wants to be lived.






Three Monthly Payments of $999 - Month 1

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Pay in Full Now - $2497

Click here to pay in full  $2497.00

The YES! Within Project