Know, Love, and Be YOU

YOU… yes, you… YOU are the world for some people. YOUR life has meaning far beyond your comprehension. The Universe is waiting for YOU to show up. To do that you must: 1. Know who you are and what you want. Tune into your soul. Look at what you long for that isn’t in your… Continue reading Know, Love, and Be YOU

Heal Your Relationship by Finding Yourself … Again.

If you are struggling in your relationship or in even having a relationship that you want… Relationship is how two (or more) people are connected. When a woman and a man are in connection, each from their authentic selves, the right things happens for both separately and the relationship, resulting in a mutually satisfying relationship… Continue reading Heal Your Relationship by Finding Yourself … Again.

Tear Down that Wall

Your wall is keeping you from real relationships, having what you want in life, and truly loving anyone, including yourself. Sure you have success, but what is your definition of success? You know deep inside there is much more to life and you want it… More ConnectionMore LoveMore FreedomMore Fun and JoyMore peace inside Somewhere… Continue reading Tear Down that Wall

Want more Happiness?

When you are thinking “I should”, you are setting yourself up for potential unhappiness and dissatisfaction. How I know is that I did this for years, and it almost cost me my marriage. Yes, I had become my mother!!! Angry, unhappy, blaming my husband and still managing to do everything I should, at work, at… Continue reading Want more Happiness?

10 Ways to Show Yourself More Love

Top 10 Ways to Show Yourself More Love Stop trying to please others, keep others happy, or live to the expectations (should) of others.  Fear of judgement, offending others, making others angry or unhappy keeps us stuck in energetic entanglement with them.  This drains the energy you could have for more fun, productive, or aligned… Continue reading 10 Ways to Show Yourself More Love