Feeling Good is a Choice

After seven years working with women on mindset and transformation of their lives so they can go from sleepwalking through life just accepting what comes to them, to stepping up for themselves and speaking their truth, knowing their value, loving themselves, and creating the life and the relationships they desire…

What I’ve learned  is that women on this journey experience many new things… including feeling stuck.  At some point feeling stuck is a normal part of growth and evolution.  Part of you really wants to move forward, and there is a part of you that wants to run back to what you had because it is familiar.

This is normal.  I’ve been through this a million times.   Every week I have to remind myself who I am and what I am doing so I don’t just throw in the towel.  And yes, it gets uncomfortable at times.

Getting through the “all over the charts” emotions that come when there is when your relationship is off track is tricky to navigate.  Some people give up and cave in to the negative emotions for months, even years.  Others bury the pain and move forward like a wounded champion, a smile on their faces, and a wall around their hearts.  Neither of these will get you what you really want.

Whether you decide to stay in this relationship or go, what matters is that you don’t get stuck, that you do move forward, because you do deserve to be happy, either way.  And moving forward is the only way anything will change.

One way to move forward and clear the emotional storm keeping you stuck in indecision and pain is to make some internal shifts to resolve the emotions coming up.

When you are reacting emotionally you can’t see clearly and make good decisions for yourself or anybody.

Nothing excites me more than helping get you UN-stuck and taking your life, your relationships, your levels of abundance, your career, and your of happiness and success to the next level.

To be there with you on your journey, I have created a FB Group full of women ready to master their lives so they can have exactly what they desire.  This is a great place to start to make small internal shifts that lead to better relationships, feeling more freedom and joy.  

What I am really excited about is my new Masterclass … Feeling Good is a Choice.  When you get tired of feeling like crap, when you are ready to stop blaming, complaining, judging, beating yourself up, and feeling bad, when you are finally ready to move forward, this is a great next step.

Learn the mindset and emotional skills you can start using now to take charge of how you feel in any moment, in any situation.   This is true freedom.

What I know for sure is that when you feel like crap, and you spin in toxic soup for hours, days, weeks… you cannot create what you want in your life.  As a matter of fact you feel like because of what happened, you can’t feel good until the situation self-corrects.  NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS HERE.

Relate to any of these ?

~~~  BUT I can’t feel good until I get an apology…
~~~ I can’t trust him since the betrayal…
~~~ I can’t do anything until he comes back…
~~~ I’m not sleeping or eating until…
~~~ He said I wasn’t …

In order to shift gears to create great results, you have to feel GOOD… no matter what he is or isn’t doing.

There is a way to do this, it isn’t hard, and I want to show you how…

Get my DIY Workshop with a 15 page workbook and 6 audio recordings and get started today. 

I’ll be in the FB Group to answer any questions that come up as you do the exercises in the workbook.   

Grab it today for $47 and start feeling now.   

To get even more value from the Workshop, I recommend the Mastery Series which is option 2.

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Option 1 – Feeling Good is a Choice DIY Masterclass   $47

15 Page workbook plus 6 audio recordings to work teach you how to shift your mindset and how you feel. Workbook contains practices that if you do the work, your life will change.

Option 2 – Mastery Series

Includes two (2) private 45 minute (virtual) sessions with me to work through what you are experiencing using mindset and transformational tools to shift your thinking and how you feel… PLUS the 15 page workbook with 6 audio recordings, Feeling Good is a Choice.  $397.

Your happiness is an inside job.  Stop giving your power to feel good away so you can create a life you love.

Be brave, be strong, be smart, and above all be  happy.

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