The trouble is we think we have time.  This is so profound and yet so simple.  And yet, that is exactly what I thought for years, and then one day it’s my 50th birthday!  And what on earth am I doing? I had left Corporate America a couple years earlier and pursued a path that… Continue reading We THINK We Have TIME

Manifestation IS easy…

Manifestation IS easy… when you know what you want. In speaking with a client this morning who is point of “putting herself out there”, ready to take on clients, I asked her what specifically she wanted by “putting herself out there”. There was this blank look on her face. She had never thought of that!… Continue reading Manifestation IS easy…


When you live your truth, your light shines, your path becomes clearer and easier. When you are in your truth you are more attractive to others, opportunities, and abundance. Building your business becomes so much easier and way more joyful. ip info At least it did for me. I really enjoy working with spiritual entrepreneurs… Continue reading The TRUTH about TRUTH

True Desire

As Spiritual Entrepreneurs, our lives and what we do are so intertwined. And yet, we sometimes get working so hard, so focused on creating that perfect package or class, hosting a webinar, building our list, that we lose sight of why we are doing what we do. I know I got into my business because… Continue reading True Desire