Know, Love, and Be YOU

YOU… yes, you… YOU are the world for some people. YOUR life has meaning far beyond your comprehension. The Universe is waiting for YOU to show up. To do that you must: 1. Know who you are and what you want. Tune into your soul. Look at what you long for that isn’t in your… Continue reading Know, Love, and Be YOU

Strong Women – Time to Reignite Your Life

The biggest disservice I see women on the planet guilty of is subordinating themselves to other people and not being who they really are, true to themselves. Instead, they show up as “The Strong Woman” who is capable of carrying huge burdens, suffering silently and strongly for others, giving so much of herself that she… Continue reading Strong Women – Time to Reignite Your Life

Feel the Feelings, Don’t Get Stuck

This weekend I was circling through anger and sadness. Anger that there is any human being who would create a biological weapon in the first place and that someone was so careless with it that we are where we are. The sadness has to do with the human toll – in terms of not only… Continue reading Feel the Feelings, Don’t Get Stuck

Heal Your Relationship by Finding Yourself … Again.

If you are struggling in your relationship or in even having a relationship that you want… Relationship is how two (or more) people are connected. When a woman and a man are in connection, each from their authentic selves, the right things happens for both separately and the relationship, resulting in a mutually satisfying relationship… Continue reading Heal Your Relationship by Finding Yourself … Again.

How Your Dissatisfaction Affects Your Well-Being

What if you were told that if you don’t change your life, you will die, would you be one of the 10% of those who make lasting change? Or would you be one to “try” to change? Greater than 50% of Americans feel deeply dissatisfied with their jobs. One Gallop poll reported 85% of workers… Continue reading How Your Dissatisfaction Affects Your Well-Being

Tear Down that Wall

Your wall is keeping you from real relationships, having what you want in life, and truly loving anyone, including yourself. Sure you have success, but what is your definition of success? You know deep inside there is much more to life and you want it… More ConnectionMore LoveMore FreedomMore Fun and JoyMore peace inside Somewhere… Continue reading Tear Down that Wall

You Have a Dream

You can have a vision, and that vision can change. For me, the vision didn’t change, I just dialed into more clarity. Last year on retreat with Becky, she asked me when I was going to take action toward a part of my dream of living on the West Coast of Florida. I never thought my… Continue reading You Have a Dream

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