Feel the Feelings, Don’t Get Stuck


This weekend I was circling through anger and sadness. Anger that there is any human being who would create a biological weapon in the first place and that someone was so careless with it that we are where we are.

The sadness has to do with the human toll – in terms of not only illness, but isolation, desperation, job loss, not being with loved ones who are ill, and I could go on. Life has changed and lives have changed. I don’t believe that is a bad thing, and yet the level of change happening is unprecedented and leaves us all feeling uncertain.

Then I realized that I have not grieved the loss of my mom on April 1. I was supposed to be visiting her that week and I cancelled my flight. Her nursing home was shut down. She died alone, and that was fitting for her.

I believe our soul can choose some things like that.

I am sharing this with you because with all the work I do, I still have feelings and emotions come up. I am aware of them and can choose to sit in them a bit, and then process them.

By Sunday afternoon I was feeling better. I named the feelings, felt them in my body, cried a little, and wrote. I chose to stay with them a bit and explore my sadness. I talked with mom on my walk (in my mind) and shared some things with her. I felt the sadness.

My anger was part of that sadness, too, for what is going on in the world.

Just know that you can process your feelings…

Process them, feel them, let them out, and you will feel better. Move your body, speak or write through them.

We are never meant to camp out in our feelings. We are meant to walk through them to the other side. We can learn how to do this whenever we need it.

When we get stuck in our emotions, we are stuck in the past.

Our nervous system has the static of resistance and we simply can’t move forward toward what we really want.

I know many have been experiencing all kinds of changes before this event hit the world. Then add on top of that all this other change and it can send you over the top and make you feel like you can’t move forward.

I’ve been trained in human behavior, spirituality, emotions, and energetic healing. What I know is there is a way through.

When we can stand firm in light of events going on around us, we can get out of fear based thinking and stop spinning emotionally out of control, so we stay focused and move forward toward what we do want.

We learn how to have the experience (now and in the future) without the experience having us.

As a bonus to a happier and more fulfilling life, learning how to direct our thoughts so that we feel good helps our immune system stay strong… much needed these days.

Standing Firm ™ While Your World is Shaking is a 4 week training and coaching small group experience to help you gain forward momentum. We started a small group 4 weeks ago and are finishing up this week.

I’ve gotten great feedback on it and have decided to offer it again starting the week of 05/04.

It’s 4 Virtual weekly sessions, 8 women max (to keep the group size small with plenty of time for your specific questions. If you want one of the 6 spaces left, let me know and I will send you the link.

$44 total – includes private FB Group for questions and recordings to be posted, 4 group session with training and homework.

Here are a couple of the comments I’ve gotten from the first round:

“I’m feeling so grateful for being able to participate in this. Stand up for myself is taking on new meaning. I so appreciate the opportunity. Signing up for the next 4 weeks starting in May!”

“Since I chose to reach out and find my gift, with each and every day I am getting better and becoming a more confident woman.”If you have any questions, please ask.


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