Where it all Starts

Whether it’s your relationship, your business, your happiness, your wealth, or your health, it all starts with… you. AND even more specifically it starts with the thoughts you have.

Did you know you have tens of thousands of thoughts every day?

You can’t stop the thoughts from coming, but you can learn to intercept and change the thoughts that are creating what you don’t want in your life.

Let’s take that even a bit further.

You have beliefs about yourself and the world.

~~ the world is a dangerous place

~~ money doesn’t grow on trees

~~ I must not be lovable

~~ I’m not enough

and more…

There are thousands of beliefs we can have that silently keep us having the same results that we don’t want.

If you have the belief that you aren’t lovable or that there must be something wrong with you, you will not be able to receive the love your partner (or anyone) is showing you.

This one belief is a game changer in many relationships.

Let me explain even further… You see something or someone says something to you. You have a thought about it that is translated through the belief you have. This creates a chemical reaction through your nervous system (also known as an emotion). Then the next thing you do is react internally and then take action that is filled with an emotional charge.

Emotions are just energy, and emotionally charged energy is powerful. It pushes what we want away from us.

Think of a time with anyone that you reacted. You may say “they trigger” the hell out of me. Or when she does that, it makes me SOOO mad!

The trigger is in you and can only be changed by you.

Often when a woman feels like something in her life isn’t working, she thinks she needs to take massive action in order to change her situation when in truth, it’s often small and subtle changes inside of her that make the biggest difference.

The fastest way I know of to make those subtle changes is through the exercises I’ve included in my latest Masterclass, Feeling Good is a Choice.

Feeling Good is a Choice is a Masterclass – includes:

a 15 page workbook, 6 exercises and 6 audio recordings.

In the Masterclass you will:

· Identify hidden beliefs that are running your life.

· Learn how to change your beliefs to more empowering beliefs.

· Learn the secret behind how results in your life, your relationship, your finances are created.

· Learn how you can feel better in any moment, no matter what is going on around you, and why that is important to you.

· Create new patterns of thinking which will create new results in your life.

Feeling Good is a Choice Masterclass – workbook, audio recordings … $47

You can choose to get the course and do the exercises in the workbook on your own or upgrade to the Mastery Series.

Mastery Series – includes:

  • Feeling Good is a Choice plus
  • 2 virtual private 45 minute sessions with me to accelerate the results you want in your life, address your specific questions… $397.

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