The Real Purpose of Relationships

Life is about growing and evolving. There is a saying – you are either growing or dying.

What does this really mean?

Since I mainly work with women, how often I hear the main problem is we argue and withdraw. We fight and run. This pattern results in disconnection and more separation rather than closeness and sharing.

Many women think they need to just have a talk about it, to share how they feel.

The problem with this when you feel bad, you tend to share negative things in the hopes of “him” understanding and making changes.

The truth is often when a woman makes subtle internal shifts, all of this can change.

The real purpose of relationships is to support and challenge a person. In the right environment with a balance of support and challenge, everyone thrives. Challenges in life, in relationships are opportunities for growth.

When you don’t know yourself, when you don’t fully love and accept yourself for who you are, you don’t recognize the challenges as room for your growth, but tend to see them as obstacles or stop signs.

Growth and evolution of you as a person is something to embrace, not be feared.

The worst day of my life (my biggest challenge) became the best day of my life when I let go of attachment to the outcome of our relationship, when I started looking within me vs blaming him, when I took the steps to find me again and grow the magnificence in me.

I had lost myself so far I didn’t even know who I was anymore or what I wanted. What I did know is this was the first thing I needed to figure out.

When I did that, I was on the way to finding me again, which eventually allowed me to have they type of relationship that I wanted and deserved.

Who are you and what do you want?

I have a few spots open in my 4 week Breakthrough Intensive where I walk women through these 4 steps:

  • Learn to live life for yourself (without feeling guilty) and stop living for everyone else.
  • Learn how you’re keeping yourself unavailable for what you really want, especially if you don’t even know what you want.
  • Learn how to get super clear on what you want, because I know that when you know what you want, you have no problem getting it.
  • Breakthrough the invisible wall and move forward in the right direction.

If you think this may be something you’d be interested in… send me PM and we’ll see if this is a fit for you.