Tear Down that Wall

Your wall is keeping you from real relationships, having what you want in life, and truly loving anyone, including yourself.

Sure you have success, but what is your definition of success?

You know deep inside there is much more to life and you want it…

  • More Connection
  • More Love
  • More Freedom
  • More Fun and Joy
  • More peace inside

Somewhere down the line, you’ve been hurt and you are hell bent on NEVER being hurt that way again.

You pretend to be OK when you aren’t inside.

You act like you don’t need anyone, even though you long for relationship.

You feel alone even when you are in a group of friends/acquaintances/coworkers.

You feel like you are so different from everyone else that no one really understands you.

I get it. I’ve been there. Growing up with a narcissistic and judgmental mom who meant well and took great care of us physically, I’ve been shamed, blamed, criticized enough for 10 lifetimes.

Yes, “it sucks”!

And yes, I had to “heal” (see the truth) about the experience and who I am.

My wall came down. I took it down, piece by f*cking piece.

I sobbed the day I journaled how I had betrayed myself all those years when I caught my husband lying about money and strip clubs.

I sobbed the day I saw the Truth about my dad who died when I was 5 years old … the day I became the strong one, during a Family Constellation.

I broke through the self-imposed burden of feeling responsible for my mom’s happiness using the most powerful breakthrough tool I have found.

All of these misperceptions of what these things were given to me for and the traumatic impact it had on me as a child, had held me back from everything I’ve ever wanted —

* To feel loved and to love myself

* To be heard

* To be seen

* To feel valued

* To own my worth

* To own my power

* To claim in this lifetime what is meaningful to me.

But, no more…

This is what I want for you! And I know it is possible!

Ready to tear down that wall?

xoxo Susan

p.s., I’d love to hear from you.