You Have a Dream

You can have a vision, and that vision can change.

For me, the vision didn’t change, I just dialed into more clarity.

Last year on retreat with Becky, she asked me when I was going to take action toward a part of my dream of living on the West Coast of Florida.

I never thought my husband would be on board with it, but I booked us a vacation soon after the retreat. My husband asked my if I wanted to go look at condos!!! HE ASKED ME!

We did go look. Information is important, and it was an information gathering time. Action taken. New understanding that is necessary.

A year later and we just got back from a week in Clearwater Beach.

Yes, we had a great time.

Yes, I took action once again on my vision of living in a condo on the 6th floor with 3 balconies overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. My husband and I went and looked at several places while we were there.

They were all great, not exactly my dream, but I could see myself in 2 of them.

My husband is into spread sheets and ran numbers on each one, figuring out how we could possibly do this and still live in Dallas.

Something was off for me and I couldn’t quite figure it out.

In my vision while I am in Florida, I am there alone.

I initially was concerned about that, wondering how my husband fit into my future.

In April, my vision became clearer in that I want to spend 2 – 3 months there working, regrouping, and planning for the year… ALONE. Like this is MY TIME.

I didn’t share that with my husband, as I think he is getting attached to the idea of being at the beach more.

I was still attached to owning a condo and renting it out.

On this trip, though, I got crystal clear that this is what my vision is – MY TIME at the beach, looking at the views from the balcony, doing my work, living the lifestyle I so love at the beach.

This is the clearest I’ve ever been on this part of my dream, as my mind was trying real hard to make space / accommodate others as well (as per my old habits).

AND this makes so much more sense to me that I find a place to rent for the time I want to be there, and we don’t have to bear the responsibility of ownership from afar.

The finances work out better for this, I get EXACTLY what I want when I want it with no risks, and I am so grateful for this clarity!

If you have a dream, check it out, take action toward it, and don’t be attached to a specific outcome or how it will come to you. Dial in the clarity every time you take action.

Clarity is power.

This clarity has made all the difference. Booking a place for the month of March or April next year… for ME.

What would YOU love?

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