Are You Living in the Past?

Live, learn, and don’t look back. What has happened has happened, you cannot change that.

You will never see all the amazing and beautiful experiences ahead if you keep focusing on the things you’ve left behind.

Learn from it and treat it like the gift that it was. 

Life is in the present moment.

Sometimes your body will hold you in the past until you release all the held in emotions. Feel the feelings, breathe through them, release them.

Freedom is what you seek, you have to set your feelings free.

Susan Kennedy, Mindset and Transformation Coach, specializing in working with women who have put everyone else’s needs, dreams, and desires ahead of their own for so long that they struggle to find the happiness, the fulfillment they really want. Supporting women in their journey of rediscovering/redefining who they really are, loving themselves again, and creating a life they would LOVE living. 

Women come to me when they are finally ready to say YES! to themselves and their dreams. Permission Granted… to Create and Live a Life You LOVE!  Request a Strategy Session.

 I know you want change in your life. The question is, are you really ready for it?