Someday Means… NEVER

SOMEDAY means…

I just need to finish this and then it’s time for me.
I need to wait til I have the money.
I’m not ready.
This is gonna be hard.
I have to check with my spouse on it.
I don’t have enough time.

Literally I hear these excuses every week!

TRUTH: You have the answers in you. Know how I know that? Because the problem is not out there (time, money, resources, permission), it is inside you.

You have a dream… I know you do. If you are living and breathing, you have a dream.

You may have squashed it down, denied its existence, but I know you do have a dream.

I know this because I denied and suppressed my dreams for years. My mind told me I couldn’t have what I wanted – I didn’t have time, I didn’t know how, I was too old, I couldn’t afford it, my husband would never agree to it…

My mind had all the excuses to keep me right where I was… I get it. I still have to watch my mind so that my dreams stay in the forefront of my life.

Are you ready to step up and claim your dreams? Are you ready to step into a life you LOVE living, one that is not what you are settling for, but what you want?

Are you ready to make things easy, allow the full power of the Universe to flow through you and create your life from a whole new place?


It is your time.

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In this group program, you will Define, Design, and Align with your Dreams in the areas of Health and Well Being, Relationships, Vocation/Business, Time Freedom, and Money Freedom. Small group of up to 8, private group for coaching and discussion and accountability.

Limit 8. 
Ready to break through?