You Have a Dream

You can have a vision, and that vision can change. For me, the vision didn’t change, I just dialed into more clarity. Last year on retreat with Becky, she asked me when I was going to take action toward a part of my dream of living on the West Coast of Florida. I never thought my… Continue reading You Have a Dream

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Are You Living in the Past?

Live, learn, and don’t look back. What has happened has happened, you cannot change that. You will never see all the amazing and beautiful experiences ahead if you keep focusing on the things you’ve left behind. Learn from it and treat it like the gift that it was.  Life is in the present moment. Sometimes… Continue reading Are You Living in the Past?

Someday Means… NEVER

SOMEDAY means… I just need to finish this and then it’s time for me.I need to wait til I have the money.I’m not ready.This is gonna be hard.I have to check with my spouse on it.I don’t have enough time. Literally I hear these excuses every week! TRUTH: You have the answers in you. Know… Continue reading Someday Means… NEVER