Want more Happiness?

When you are thinking “I should”, you are setting yourself up for potential unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

How I know is that I did this for years, and it almost cost me my marriage.

Yes, I had become my mother!!! Angry, unhappy, blaming my husband and still managing to do everything I should, at work, at home, with my family, in-laws, etc.

I was the master of efficiency and productivity! Only I was miserable, lonely, angry, sad… you name it!

And the funny thing now in hindsight is I thought I was in control, I was super proud of how strong I was, and I wondered why my husband didn’t love me (like I needed to be loved).

There is a huge piece that comes next that set me on my own path of self discovery that is a huge link here which I will share soon.

For today, ask yourself if you are the one who holds it all together for everyone else, are you the strong one?

Ask yourself every time you say or think “I should”, is this something I really want to do now? If not, Then honor yourself instead of that voice that is saying you should.

No matter what you think, you are not in control. You are a player in a vast consciousness, and your vibration, your state of being, contributes to the collective vibration of the planet.

Today I choose to be responsible with my mood, my feelings, my actions, and I choose to participate at a higher vibration—- love, joy, peace, acceptance, willingness.

Just by checking out your should’s one at a time and consciously deciding what to do vs running a pattern of thought and action can lead to more happiness and freedom!