10 Ways to Show Yourself More Love

Top 10 Ways to Show Yourself More Love

  1. Stop trying to please others, keep others happy, or live to the expectations (should) of others.  Fear of judgement, offending others, making others angry or unhappy keeps us stuck in energetic entanglement with them.  This drains the energy you could have for more fun, productive, or aligned relationships.   When you do this, you are saying that their happiness is more important than yours.
  2. Work on the mental and emotional overload.  Anytime you are rehashing conversations over and over in your mind, second guessing your decisions or what you said or did, you are living in the past, and you are worrying about how the other person is going to take it.  See #1.
  3. Stop pretending to be strong and to not need anything.  That is not human.  We all have needs.  By allowing ourselves to be honest and vulnerable, we create even more connection with ourselves and others.
  4. Stop tolerating people in your life who don’t value you, your time, and your energy.  Learn to set healthy boundaries so that you can free up energy for your what you want.
  5. Become the master of your day.  Know what YOU want each day and make yourself the priority.  No one else is going to wake up in service of what you want, that is up to you.
  6. Invest time, energy, and resources into truly knowing yourself.  Know your higher purpose in life, what you truly value most, and create a vision for your next 3 – 5 years.  Then you know what fits in your life and what doesn’t.  Until you know you (not your roles, your job, your title… you, how can you LOVE you?  There’s a real you in there who has gotten lost.   This is the biggest way I see women out of alignment with themselves, their happiness and their fulfillment.  Self-esteem comes from knowing yourself and valuing that person.
  7. Practice forgiveness to free yourself.  Often working with someone on forgiveness, I find there is an underlying need there to forgive themselves for something, which releases a ton of self-loathing and self-judgment.
  8. Notice your self-talk.  Are you kind and loving to yourself, or are you your own worst critic?  Is how you talk to yourself when you are alone with yourself kind and compassionate?  If not, notice and journal about it. How does your self-talk make you feel?   Is this what you want?  If not, picture yourself as a 5 year old girl and talk with her in a loving and compassionate way.
  9. Take time each day to clear your mind.  You can journal, meditate, take a walk in nature, soak in a hot salt bath.   We live so much in our minds as we rush around each day being pulled in a million directions that we can easily become scattered or stuck in the same patterns of thinking and behaving.  Our truth is not found in our minds.  Our truth comes from our connection with source.
  10.  Honor your own intuition.  We all have an internal guidance system, an innate intelligence that is there to serve us.  Listen to it.  Honor it.