3 Step Morning Routine for a Great Night’s Sleep

Ready to go from                to          ? In 2015, it is estimated that Americans spent over $40 BILLION on sleep aids and remedies, with varying results!  Consumer Reports survey says that 27% of adults in the US have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.  CDC says 35% of adults in the U.S are not getting enough sleep. There are varying reasons for these numbers, but the fact is many Americans are just not enjoying a great night’s sleep, which means they are missing out on many health benefits including healthy weight, heart benefits, improved memory, improved overall performance, better quality of life, especially as you age, and just feeling better. Stress is a big factor in sleepless or restless nights.  What is really going one when you don’t sleep?  Are you solving problems in your mind for tomorrow?  Are you rehashing conversations with others that didn’t seem to go the way you wanted?  Are you going over what happened today or even last week and how you could have done something different?  Are you feeling guilty for yelling at the kids or saying no to a friend? When you get to bed time and haven’t resolved all the issues floating around in your mind, your mind will continue to work.  Bedtime routines are important, so that your mind can slow down, but your morning routine and how you set yourself up for your day are more important, and here’s why. If you don’t understand what allows you to lay your head on the pillow at night and drift off into a peaceful, deep sleep, and wake up refreshed and energized, you’ll keep finding yourself feeling anxious, angry, and exhausted, like nothing in your life is working, and awake most of the night, still rehashing conversations, never feeling right about anything. When you understand how your morning routine works for you to set the tone and trajectory of your day and how to respond instead of react, you can quickly turn around the relationships you have with others and start having the quality time and interactions you really want.  This alone will leave your mind more settled and complete when it comes to bedtime. Here are 3 steps to do that: STEP 1:

When you start your day exhausted, the rest of the day you seek energy from unhealthy sources – caffeine, sugar, stimulation from drama, stimulation from tv, name your source. When you turn on the tv you distract yourself from what is going on within you and what you really want in your day.

Instead, start your day with a few quiet moments to yourself in gratitude for your new day, a day you can shape how you want.


Set your intention for the day – how you would love for your day to flow and how you would love to be in your day. For example, today I intend to be grateful throughout the day,        even for the things I don’t like, because I know I can learn from them.

Shift your attention to what you’d truly love to have in your day (whether you can believe it or not yet).  Spend a few minutes getting clear on what you’d love and what it will feel like     to have a day like that.

If you can actually believe you can have your day the way you want it, including quality time with your family, satisfying relationships with your clients and coworkers, and          a good night’s sleep, this will shift your energy and bring what you want into your vision.


Bring all of your precious energy and focus back onto yourself – When was the last time you told yourself that you love yourself? Before you can extend love out, you must have it for yourself.

Think about what a perfect day would be for you.   What lights you up? How do you want to feel today – as you get your kids off to school?  As you drive to your first appointment?  As              you meet with your clients?  How do you want to feel as your head hits the pillow at night?

Start feeling good all day, certain about the actions you take, confident in your decisions and your conversations with others.

Look in the mirror at the end of your day and be proud of who you were throughout your day, what you accomplished, who you helped, and the love you were in the world.  Say to                  yourself in the mirror, “I am so proud of who you are and what you accomplished today!  I love you!”

Now, that is a great feeling!  That is peace of mind. Start sleeping great again! Good sleep truly is about peace of mind.  If you would love to Master YOUR EMOTIONAL and MENTAL STRESS and create a LIFE YOU LOVE living, please request a complimentary Strategy Session to see how we can work together.  Mastering your emotions is KEY to mastering your life. All my BEST, Susan  0