Your Greatest Challenge is Your Biggest Gift

  Your greatest challenge is MORE LIFE or a dream desiring to be lived through you! For years I suffered…. with major challenges. My career…
My relationship with my husband… And then one day the sh*t hit the fan in my marriage. Thank God! I was angry, resentful, blaming… going though what people go through when they have been betrayed at many levels. And thank God that I didn’t rush into anything! While it took some time and effort on my part, because after all “I had done nothing wrong”, I one day “got it”. This event was my biggest catalyst for stepping into a dream I had many years ago and for owning my voice and my value. I could choose to stay angry and resentful ending up bitter and disheartened, or I could choose to look within myself to where I wasn’t showing up fully as who I am meant to be. The big turning point for me was at a seminar given by Caroline Myss and she said “no one can betray you but yourself”. At first I was pissed – I was still angry with him and in my mind it was his fault and his problem to fix. Later when I was alone, it hit me and the tears flowed – ?️ how many times I had chosen to keep the peace and not speak up… ? how many times I pushed aside what I wanted to support everyone else… ? how many years I worked at jobs that did not fulfill me on all levels, sucking part of my soul every day… How had I allowed myself to get here?!?!? Signs this may be happening to you – depression, anxiety, resentment, anger, withdrawing, stressed, blaming others. When I was able to find the perfection in all of my experiences I was able to be truly grateful for everything in my life, What will you learn from the challenges you are experiencing so that you can step into that dream? If you are ready to gain more clarity on your dreams, would love to eliminate fear, doubt, and worry and move towards your dreams with confidence, and would love to increase your prosperity and stay in complete harmony with who you are, request a Strategy Session today!