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The TRUTH of Why He Left
  You think you are so UNHAPPY because he DUMPED you for a younger model, but that is not the TRUTH! Suddenly your life is nothing like you imagined it would be at this stage in your life – at least not anymore. Can you see the TRUTH now – you had a version of life in mind that was not tied in with reality, and this sudden and extreme change in YOUR Circumstances has left you all alone and SO FAR OUTSIDE of your COMFORT ZONE that you haven’t got a clue what to do next – because you don’t even know anymore what you are about and what you really want. You know I’m right. You have been living another person’s values and priorities for as long as you can remember and so it makes sense that the real you – the AWESOME woman he married – is gone … and only he noticed. (You are thinking- Awww, SH*T, that is so true! What happened?) I know this because it happened to me – I turned into another person other than the one he married and it took me years to figure it out and turn it around. If I can save you time – I feel honored! When is the last time you did or said something that you didn’t want to say or do – just to keep the peace or to make everybody else happy? When is the last time you really wanted something and stood up and got it? When you really think about it, you will immediately justify why you sacrificed – for him, for the kids, for the job – BUT – you were the ONLY one who sacrificed their desires, their priorities, their blood – for what ? To wake up devastated and alone? At this age? A relationship is only as good as two people living their own unique set of values and being there to challenge and support each other in that! If you lived to care for everyone else, no wonder you lost your real sense of self and your true desires that were planted deep inside you to guide you to your most fulfilling and inspired life! Now that this has been brought to your attention – Look back a few years – have you just been living in a safe comfort zone where you were satisfied, nothing much to complain about, except that deep longing for something more? You appear successful to the outside world, and yet you had pangs – of “is this all there is?” or “when is it going to be my time?” that you just kept to yourself as you didn’t want to complain – since logically you have nothing to complain about – plenty of money, a great job, a nice house and car – yet something was MISSING (and you never realized the missing piece was ……. The REAL YOU!). And now that you are all alone, you have time – to really look at yourself. Do you want to run find another man to fill the gap, to help you get back in your comfort zone? I know a lot of women with this agenda. (It’s not the one I recommend…) Or are you ready to peel back the layers and take a good, deep look inside yourself. This is where (what is missing) the Passion and Excitement for your LIFE can be found. This is where all the possibilities are hiding for what the NEXT CHAPTER in your life can really be. Are you ready to finally find your FABULOUS — Reconnect with your Brilliance, and Reignite or FIND for the first time – YOUR PURPOSE and MAKE The next Chapter YOUR Grandest Success Story? Only YOU have the POWER To say – This is not how MY story will end! Inviting you to a Clarity Conversation to see if you are right for and ready – for an inspired and meaningful next chapter. If you know you are ready and want to find out more, message me.   All my BEST, Susan0