Are you PROUD to be the STRONG one all the time?  Holding it all together for everyone else?
I keep hearing about how we are supposed to stay strong, how women these days are so strong and they are wearing that label like a badge of honor! Having been the STRONG one my whole life (or at least feeling like I had to), when I was able to heal the parts inside me that needed healing, I’ve been able to become more of my authentic self. I thought that being strong was my authentic self, but in reality it was me living some serious misperceptions that were formed when I was young. I have cleared those.
I am now freer, more open, my heart is more open, and I am still strong, just in a healthy way. I am able to ask for what I want and receive it. I recognize when I have pain (spiritual/emotional) and deal with it in a way that resolves it instead of numbing or suppressing it. By me allowing myself more FREEDOM to be me, I have become more confident in myself (not having to pretend confidence), and I’ve allowed others around me to become stronger, or to just be strong. I can see the benefit of that to me as well as to them. Where are you PRETENDING you are the strong one and not wanting or needing anything? Where are you numbing yourself from the PAIN of not feeling connected, of being lonely, of not being heard or gotten? Where are you PRETENDING you have it all together and yet deep inside you feel like crying? How would it be to allow a STRONG someone to wrap their arms around YOU and tell you everything is going to be okay? Hmmm….So maybe being the STRONG one is not all it’s cracked up to be. PRETENDING is exhausting. PRETENDING doesn’t get you what you really want in life! If I can help you get into alignment with that Bigger, Grander Version of Yourself that YOU Know is Possible, to stop pretending and really step into ALL of YOU, reach out and request a complementary session to get clear on what you would love to create in your life, what your biggest obstacle is, and next steps you can take. All my BEST! Susan See you at the Dallas Women’s Expo, Sunday 09/10/17 for my presentation at 11:30 – 4th floor auditorium! If you want complementary tickets, msg me.