Your Vision is like your North Star

When we make decisions, it is important to make decisions based on a future that we intend and not simply reacting to a current reality that we just dont particularly like anyway. For years I made decisions from my present-day reality that I didnt like so much because I couldnt see any other choices. And my life didnt get any more fulfilling or happier. I spent years working on myself and I knew exactly what I didnt want, but could not get in touch with what I did want. Fast forward after clearing out so much baggage and starting to know, love, and just be me, I am in touch with my desires, and I can now make decisions that will take me into a desired future. This is why Visioning in your business is so important, especially if you are a solopreneur. Your Vision is like your North Star. Who regularly identifies/tweaks their Vision? How often do you do this? How do you do it alone, with a group? Any particular process you use?0

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