True Desire

As Spiritual Entrepreneurs, our lives and what we do are so intertwined. And yet, we sometimes get working so hard, so focused on creating that perfect package or class, hosting a webinar, building our list, that we lose sight of why we are doing what we do. I know I got into my business because I wanted to see Holistic Entrepreneurs excel, to build a business that they love and are proud of and not just scrape by. I was a homeopath for 6 years and did not know how to build my practice. I thought homeopathy was so awesome, people would be finding me. And after a couple of years it was discouraging really sick people would call in desperation, having spent all their money on the medical profession and drugs. Or people would call and not want to work with me because insurance wouldn’t pay for it. Or people didn’t want to come for follow ups because they had to pay again! It was really frustrating. So when I started down this path, I invested in mentors and courses. I worked hard and learned so much, and one year in – no clients. But more than that, my business meant to bring joy, freedom, and fulfillment had turned into a stressful learning curve with seemingly no results except a huge pile of debt and a lot of busy work. But each action I took toward my intention, I got stronger and more confident. Then the day came, I got my first full pay client and it was 4 figures. And then I knew. I knew what that felt like, I knew that I could do it, I knew that people do have the money to invest in something that they really want. And I knew it from experience, not just from a class or a book. I had the direct experience. But soon I got stuck again and what I had to let go of was the worry that it wasn’t happening as fast as I’d like it to. Plus, I realized that I had lost touch with my true desires. In revisiting my desires and live from the place of having them, I decided it was time. One of my desires for a long time has been to spend lots of time on the coast. Most any coast, warm, beautiful, salty air, sand. But I wanted to have “x” amount of dollars and so much debt paid off first. I was stuck with a belief that was not serving me well. When I recommitted to my desires and my business and spent 17 days on 3 different coasts and I remember my “selfish why” for having my business, I gained the clarity for my next program, one that supports others in living from their desires as they grow their businesses. To raise your vibration, you must be living from a place of “feeling good”. And when you get back in touch with your deepest desires, you can start living from that place – even if you haven’t “embodied” the desire because the thought and feeling of that desire is where the vibe comes from. And there is nothing that you really desire that you cannot have or become. What are your desires that you have you neglected as you work in and on your business? They are all one, you know.0

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