When you live your truth, your light shines, your path becomes clearer and easier. When you are in your truth you are more attractive to others, opportunities, and abundance. Building your business becomes so much easier and way more joyful. ip info At least it did for me. I really enjoy working with spiritual entrepreneurs to own their value, claim their worth, and make great money bringing their gifts to the world. And I get even more excited about helping people find and live from their TRUTH. These go hand in hand because having the joyful, thriving business and the Life you really want has to come from this place. Not living in your truth can be lonely, painful, no fun, and certainly not good for client and opportunity attraction. Many aren’t aware that they aren’t living their truth, so I want to share this list so that if you are slightly off (and deep inside you’ll know), you can put some awareness and attention in an area that may be asking for it. TRUTH is HIGHER VIBRATION Top 10 Ways to Recognize You are Not Living Your Truth
  1. You experience periods of people pushing your buttons and you get emotionally charged about things that others do
  2. You have a huge “should” or a “shouldn’t” lists for yourself or others
  3. You have toxic relationships still
  4. You tolerate – anything
  5. You have a lot of things incomplete – from household or car repairs, things left unsaid between people, things you’ve promised and not delivered, debt for long periods, forgiveness, gratitude
  6. You become resentful of others
  7. You infatuate with others, subordinate yourself to others
  8. You allow yourself to be distracted from what you think you want to be working on
  9. You procrastinate things you think you must do
  10. You “need” something from another – your needs aren’t met

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