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Manifestation IS easy…

Manifestation IS easy… when you know what you want. In speaking with a client this morning who is point of “putting herself out there”, ready to take on clients, I asked her what specifically she wanted by “putting herself out there”. There was this blank look on her face. She had never thought of that! She is now specifying her intentions – how many clients she will manifest, what they will be coming to her for, and how much money she will manifest by when. She is a Manifestor Extraordinaire, and I have no doubt when she gets still and truly knows these answers, that it will happen for her, for it already has in the Mind of the Universe. You must be really clear on what specifically you would love to Manifest in your life and business and by when. Then let it go and take action that will allow that to show up. And continue living joyfully – not in anticipation, checking every minute, worrying, etc. What I find many times is that the clarity isn’t there and so the resulting manifestion is from a place of disconnect. Or you may think you have clarity and if it isn’t aligned with you authentically, then you aren’t listening to your real voice, and the manifestation is “off”. This happened to me as I went through an interesting and testing time the year I started my business. My husband was laid off from his partnership position after 27 years with 3 months’ salary. We were 6 figures in credit card debt, had a mortgage and a child in college. It was just a little over 2 years ago. It took a year and 3 months for him to get a job with less pay and more work. During that time, he asked me to go back to Corporate – I held my ground and said no. I was in the huge investment mode before actually making money and had added approximately $17,000 to the CC for my mentors. We sold our dream home and moved to a rental before he got the job. Our savings were depleted along with the equity in our home, and yet I kept on my path. At one point I began worrying if building this business was the right thing for me as it was going very slowly. One day I had the huge and revealing realization that I was saying I wanted my coaching business to take off so I could pay off the 6-figure debt! And the realization was that I wanted my coaching business to take off for my travel freedom and other things – not to PAY OFF DEBT!!! What I really wanted was for our credit card debt to be paid off within 2 years and in one big manifestation. Yes, that felt right. And energetically it freed me up to manifest in my business for “my” right reasons. The points I want to make here are: 1. Despite the “circumstances” I kept moving forward in FAITH. 2. I was putting out the wrong desire, which kept me from manifesting what I really wanted. Ending of my story – It was in July that I got really clear. I remember the day, but I had forgotten about it. I invested another $10K in a high level Master Mind and another intensive. I also followed a “soul” calling to take a trip that I just had to do. I then traveled to my first MasterMind group meeting in October. This is when I got the news of a huge sum of money coming. When I got home, I found out that it was just enough to pay off all our CC debt, replenish the depleted college account, and save 6 figures for taxes! I had no idea that money was even a possibility. And it took 5 months instead of 2 years! So my question to you today is “What do you REALLY want?”0

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