Are you living a congruent life?

In order to live a congruent life, there must be clarity – what am I here to do, how do I want to feel living in my own skin, what am I really great at or have a strong desire to do and what are my unique True Life Values?

This is where it gets tricky. I don’t believe we have one exact specific purpose – such as becoming a plastic surgeon or being an elementary school teacher, but we all have is a common, shared purpose – to experience the most true joy and fulfillment that we can while on this earth and give our gifts in our unique way. Because God made each of us unique, with our own set of values and desires, we each have our own unique makeup which leads us to our individual purpose. Our individual purpose utilizes our talents, skills, what we love to do, and our unique blend of genius, personality, and desires, and it is fairly broad in how it manifests. For example, if someone’s purpose is to help women feel beautiful, it may manifest in many ways – plastic surgeon, skin care expert, personal beauty coach, designer of clothing, sales person, or many other ways. If someone is a nurturer, their purpose may manifest as extraordinary mom, school teacher, massage therapist, psychologist, Sunday school teacher, baby sitter, and more. If your purpose is to build something, that may manifest as a business empire, a building, a company, a network, and more. What makes us gravitate to one thing over another is our desires, our talents, what we love to do, our personalities, and our own set of values. For example – if someone becomes a plastic surgeon – their purpose could be to help women embrace their outer beauty, or it may be to utilize their skills in pursuit of perfection, or it may be to help women heal their relationship with their outer appearance. An elementary school teacher’s purpose may be to empower young children to think and grow, or it may be to nurture the tiny seeds to grow, or it may be to love. We have many ways of fulfilling our purpose and living our desires. Once you are clear on what your values are, what you love to do, what you are really great at, the next step is getting into alignment with this. Make choices from the place of knowing who you are and what you really want. When you are able to know who you are and what you really want, you are ahead of 90% of the world. When you are clear on what you really want and are able to listen to your own inner voice rather than all the other voices in your head, in your past life, in your current life, you move forward with ease and knowing. With clarity and alignment comes the greatest FREEDOM – of being who you are in the world. The TRUTH of who you are, if you are living in that TRUTH, gives you the FREEDOM that you so desire – to be 100% YOU in this world of imposters, escape artists, sleepwalkers, anxiety, and depression. How to recognize you are living a congruent life: 1. You wake up excited about what you have to do each day 2. You find yourself smiling and grateful that you get to do what you do each day 3. You love your life and who you are 4. You listen to your inner voice rather than outer voices 5. You know what you want in life, making decisions easy 6. You know what makes you happy and you go for that 7. You have an inner confidence that makes you very attractive 8. You sleep very well, knowing everything is in Divine order working in your favor 9. The right people, circumstances, and opportunities show up for you as if by magic. 10. You have amazing joy and energy – all areas of your life reflect your congruency – relationships, family, finances, spirituality, physical, mental, career If I can help reconnect you with YOUR desires, true life values, and YOUR PURPOSE, click here for a complementary session.…/

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