5 Ways to Know What YOU Want

I often hear from my clients that they know exactly what they dont want, but just cannot figure out what they do want. What I know for sure is that they do know what they want, they are just out of practice in focusing on that. Here are my Top 5  Ways to Get Back in Touch with What you Truly Want: 1.  Change your mindset Stop focusing on what you dont want! But how do I do this when I am immersed in this job, this economy, with these people? I say, it is not about your conditions, it is about your thoughts. Take 10 minutes twice a day to quiet your mind and remember what you want to experience. Then remember that feeling and spend more time with that feeling and focus. Slowly, over time, your true desires will re-emerge.   2.  Take an inventory of your true personal values, those things that are most important to you by identifying what your life is most demonstrating. Perhaps your life revolves around a job you dont love and taking care of the family. If you are resentful in either of these areas, look at getting real with yourself on that resentment and find a way to make a different choice on the actions that you are resentful towards. Then look at what that represents in your life. If you are working 60 hours per week to pay for a lifestyle, you have to be honest with yourself as to whether or not that is your real value the lifestyle, or working less.   3.  Give yourself permission to wander in your mind to places youd love to go. Tell yourself that you know that there is time and money for the things you find most important, and allow these things to become visible to you. Soon it will become apparent which are most important to you as you will allow yourself to have or do them.   4.  Stop complaining or whining. What? You are not a victim. There is always another choice. When you complain or whine, you draw more to you to complain about. When you complain, pause and look within and see where that is coming from. Chances are, you can either view it differently or make a different choice so that it does not take up your time and energy with a negative focus.   5.  Clean up your past. If you are still triggered by comments, or really triggered when visiting family, I suggest you look at that and clean up that mess within yourself. It will buy you more time, more love, and more energy that can be focused on what you do want in life. And yes, the mess is within yourself. In my work with clients, when we find the gifts from our past we can release our judgment on our parents, and be truly grateful for our lives unfolding exactly as they did. When we do this, so many actions that trigger things in us are neutralized and our lives become emotionally cleaner, our lives become easier, and we can find the energy to be our authentic selves, knowing what we really really really do want.0

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