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Are you doing what you love in life?

Are you living a life of meaning and purpose?

Are you feeling sadness and regret over parts of your life and really want to get back on track to meaning, purpose, and fun in your next chapter?

Have you been “successful” your whole life, yet felt something was missing?  You should be happy and yet…

And yet, when asked what you want, you really don’t know – just what will make you happy.

You are in great company – about  90% of people don’t know what they want? But they can certainly tell you what they don’t want.

Have you experienced being traded in for a younger model or losing your spouse far to early, and now that you’ve gotten over the shock, you are feeling a bit sad and regretful for the past years.

Are you wondering what in the world you want – to do with the next chapter in your life.   The possibilities are endless, yet you have no idea what would make you “happy” or what you want to do.

There are many things that contributed to you getting so far off your path that you can no longer see it.

When life happens, we often lose track of meaning and purpose and get caught up in urgent and needed.   I know I did.

When the busyness of life takes over and we get challenged and pulled in all different directions, we as women often heed the call of others, taking over our lives, thinking this is our purpose – to be here for them… the children, the teachers, our partners, the PTA, the neighbors, the extended family, and on and on.  If you are like me and still working in Corporate in a challenging position, you can wake up one day wondering,  “Is this all there is?” or “when is it going to be MY time?”  People thought you had it all together and that you truly had it all – the husband, great house, kids, fabulous job and vacations.

And the hamster wheel kept on rolling…

Then one day, you have that life changing event – maybe it’s a life changing diagnosis, the death of a loved one, being traded in for a younger model, loss/end of a career, becoming an empty nester, or something else equally as attention getting.

And now that the rug has been pulled out from under you, you finally get that chance – to devote some time and attention to YOU and what is going on, and what you really want.

After all, time waits for no one.  You look in the mirror and wonder what happened – to that excited, eager, fun loving woman that you once were.  You wonder how in the world did you not see this coming!

Under your well-executed façade of business and perfection,  inside you were in pain, feeling empty much of the time.

But the great news is, your purpose, your desires are still there!  Chances are just under the surface, waiting for just this moment to bubble up or BURST out as they have been patient far too long.  Waiting for YOU.

If you are ready to choose to write the next chapter from a place of meaning, purpose, FUN, and sparkle, this is the place for you.   Welcome home.

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My latest articles…

Manifestation IS easy…

Manifestation IS easy… when you know what you want. In speaking with a client this morning who is point of “putting herself out there”, ready to take on clients, I asked her what specifically she wanted by “putting herself out there”. There was this blank look on her face. She had never thought of that! She is now specifying her intentions – how many clients she will manifest, what they will be coming to her for, and how much money she will manifest by when. She is a Manifestor Extraordinaire, and I have no doubt when she gets still and truly knows these answers, that it will happen for her, for it already has in the Mind of the Universe. You must be really clear on what specifically you would love to Manifest in your life and business and by when. Then let it go and take action that will allow that to show up. And continue living joyfully – not in anticipation, checking every minute, worrying, etc. What I find many times is that the clarity isn’t there and so the resulting manifestion is from a place of disconnect. Or you may think you have clarity and if it isn’t aligned with you authentically, then you aren’t listening to your real voice, and the manifestation is “off”. This happened to me as I went through an interesting and testing time the year I started my business. My husband was laid off from his partnership position after 27 years with 3 months’ salary. We were 6 figures in credit card debt, had a mortgage and a child in college.... read more

The truth will set you free

Everything that has happened in your life has all been to guide you, to push you to become more of your authentic self. When you recognize this and see the beautiful orchestration of all that has come in your life, you have nothing but love and gratitude for it all. There is your truth in a situation, and then there is The TRUTH. It is The TRUTH that will set you free. Free from judgement, free from depression and anxiety, free from betrayal and shame, free from comparison and criticism, free from anger and aggression. Free to just be yourself, and only yourself. Which leads to one of my favorite quotes: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” How painful is it deep inside right now to remain tight in a bud? How badly does your light really want to shine? It’s possible, you know – to break free and... read more


When you live your truth, your light shines, your path becomes clearer and easier. When you are in your truth you are more attractive to others, opportunities, and abundance. Building your business becomes so much easier and way more joyful. ip info At least it did for me. I really enjoy working with spiritual entrepreneurs to own their value, claim their worth, and make great money bringing their gifts to the world. And I get even more excited about helping people find and live from their TRUTH. These go hand in hand because having the joyful, thriving business and the Life you really want has to come from this place. Not living in your truth can be lonely, painful, no fun, and certainly not good for client and opportunity attraction. Many aren’t aware that they aren’t living their truth, so I want to share this list so that if you are slightly off (and deep inside you’ll know), you can put some awareness and attention in an area that may be asking for it. TRUTH is HIGHER VIBRATION Top 10 Ways to Recognize You are Not Living Your Truth You experience periods of people pushing your buttons and you get emotionally charged about things that others do You have a huge “should” or a “shouldn’t” lists for yourself or others You have toxic relationships still You tolerate – anything You have a lot of things incomplete – from household or car repairs, things left unsaid between people, things you’ve promised and not delivered, debt for long periods, forgiveness, gratitude You become resentful of others You infatuate with others, subordinate... read more

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Susan’s insightful and provocative questioning allowed me to create new thoughts about my situation.

"Susan’s insightful and provocative questioning allowed me to create new thoughts about my situation. She intuitively knew exactly what to ask and her questions were right on target. Whenever I think about our coaching sessions, I still marvel at her gift for asking questions that I somehow could not find within the heap of my own feelings that I had wrapped about my situation.

Even before our session ended, I found that I was able to breathe more easily, my body visibly relaxed, and I returned to my center of calm. My understanding softened my heart and restored a sense of empowerment. I was able to forgive and to move forward.

Susan’s ability to gently, elegantly, and non-judgmentally empower a person to walk through his or her own feelings and thoughts to a new perspective – one that allows a person to maintain one’s dignity yet frees him or her to explore other options is exhilarating, energizing, and freeing. Why remain stuck with feelings that are no longer useful and only hurt when you can access Susan’s expertise and wisdom to help you live the rich, delicious life you want?"